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Client Stories

Anita B.

When Anita B’s husband Bob stopped his bike on the side of the road to go to the bathroom, Anita rode her own bike on by. They were travelling through Wisconsin together, and Anita knew that Bob would catch her up soon. But about a mile down the road, she still hadn’t seen him in her rearview mirror. She stopped to wait. Ten minutes later, a car stopped and the driver told her there had been a car accident involving her husband. Bob was killed instantly.

“It was a very emotional time, of course – going through the grief and not believing it. I’d just seen him alive, and now he was dead. The coroner drove me to the hotel we had just left that morning, and I stayed there by myself for seven hours. I did all my hollering and screaming right there. It was okay to be alone; it gave me a lot of ways to walk through different things that I needed to do.

“When my sons came, they decided I needed to call a lawyer. We found John in the phonebook. He came out and chitchatted with us. We went through the accident, what Bob had been doing work-wise, what we were doing in our lives. We decided to file a lawsuit.

“I was very comfortable with Burke & Thomas, and especially John. I got to know him well because he’s a hands-on type of individual. We are both believers in spiritual things, so that was comfortable. I trusted Burke & Thomas to do the work, and they did. When the settlement actually happened it was decided on in a couple of hours. I received $900,000 and paid $300,000 to Burke & Thomas.

“I am really thankful. I have security. I would have had to go back to work, and this made it so I did not have to do that. I am now able to put money away for my four grandkids so they can go to college. I’m really thankful for that. I am able to go on vacation with my sons or have them fly to see me, and they can be in my lives even though they live in other states. I would not have had any of this if I had not called Burke & Thomas.”