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Client Stories

Antone S.

Antone S. was involved in a head-on collision with another car – a serious crash that required him to be extracted from his wrecked SUV. He spent two days in the hospital, but – like many car accident victims – didn’t immediately feel the gravity of his injuries. Within a week, however, the symptoms caught up and he was unable to work, drive or really “do anything.” It was time to call a lawyer.

“Initially, me and my wife thought everything was okay. I was in the hospital for approximately two days, but after I was released everything seemed fine. I didn’t really have any conditions or symptoms or anything. But probably a week after I got out of the hospital I started to have headaches; I was getting dizzy, falling over when I walked; my voice became slurred when I spoke. I called my insurance company and they said that although they wouldn’t tell me to, they would recommend that I should probably get a lawyer.

“I looked in the Yellow Pages and found Burke & Thomas, and I decided to call. They were very, very courteous. They explained everything to me. They came to my house because I couldn’t drive or do anything for the first few months after my accident. They came to talk to me and make sure everything was okay, to ask if we needed any help – they said they would do anything they could to try to help us out. They explained how the case would work, and they were very honest about how long it would take. They were very straightforward.

“In the first year and a half after my accident I probably had close to ten visits to doctors and therapists every week; Burke & Thomas were really good about trying to help me get to appointments, since my wife was working and my son wasn’t old enough to drive then. I was able to return to work in a limited capacity after eight months, and full-time after another six. Mr. Burke was very, very professional and courteous the whole time; he was checking on me constantly. He and his team would call me or send me an email whenever there was an update with the case – they were very helpful in letting me know everything that was happening.

“It must have been four years after the accident that we settled, but Burke & Thomas had told me pretty much right from the get-go that that’s how long my type of case could take. They didn’t lie to me about anything, which I really appreciated. The case turned out very positive; we received a financial settlement, and all of my medical bills were covered. Burke & Thomas is honest, professional and courteous and I have already referred other people to become their clients.”