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For many car accident victims, the aftermath of the accident brings another major challenge: dealing with the insurance company. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s carelessness, you’ll find that the insurance companies involved are hard to get a hold of and harder to negotiate with. Burke & Thomas can help.

We know the importance of handling things quickly, which is why we’ll start work on your case as soon as we meet with you. We’ll hire an accident reconstructionist to gather evidence about your crash – often information from a “Black Box” computer chip can be downloaded from vehicles and helpful data secured for you. We’ll file paperwork and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. We’ll even talk to your doctor about getting your medical bills paid. While the majority of cases don’t end up going to trial, we’ll prepare your case as though it will, in order to maximize your compensation.

At Burke & Thomas, we know there’s more to recovering from an accident than simply getting a check from the insurance company. That’s why, while we’re handling your case, we’ll help you negotiate with medical creditors, ensure that you have adequate transportation, and work closely with you in reviewing, interpreting and improving your insurance coverage. We’ll deal with the practical matters so that you can focus on getting the medical attention you need.

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After I was injured, it was several weeks before I realized I was going to need professional help with the legal assistance. Hospitals and doctors were calling me and sending bills; in the meantime, I repeatedly got on the phone and tried to call the insurance company for the truck I was a passenger in and kept getting an answering machine. I must have called them at least six times, and they NEVER got back to me. At that point in time, I realized I was in trouble.


– Roy G.

Former Personal Injury Client

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