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Client Stories

President, Law Firm

“Even the good law firms get sued; it’s part of the deal. Burke & Thomas has represented our law firm for years on various legal matters. It’s been at least 15 years, maybe even more. Burke & Thomas are just what you expect from a good law firm: they’re very professional and they’re diligent. They […]

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Roy G.

For Duluth native and avid outdoorsman Roy G., an ordinary hunting expedition became a trip he’ll never forget when the pickup truck he was riding in hit an unlighted tractor on Highway 49. Roy and the driver were rushed to the hospital, where Roy underwent three surgeries to reconstruct a heavily damaged right wrist. He […]

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Ron P.

When Ron P. became the district manager for Farmers Insurance, he began using Burke & Thomas in an unusual way: he brought the firm into his office to educate his agents about insurance law. The practice was such a success that he continued to partner with the firm even after he left Farmers Insurance to […]

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Missy H.

On her way to her daughter’s kindergarten graduation in 2009, Missy H. passed through the wrong intersection at just the wrong time. Two men who had recently robbed a bank in St. Paul Park were fleeing the police, and they drove straight through a red light and barreled into Missy’s driver’s side door at somewhere […]

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