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Client Stories

Larry M.

Larry M.’s train was stopped by a red light in March of 2004. As the conductor, it was his job to check the track ahead. As he manually shifted a lever to ensure that the track was switching properly, the handle he was pushing on snapped. He hit the ground, fast and hard, and knew […]

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Dianne K.

Dianne K. was living in the Twin Cities in 1995, but her accident took place far from home: near Billings, MT. A driver pulled out in front of her motorcycle, landing Dianne in the hospital. Her boyfriend at the time – a friend of John Burke’s – called Burke & Thomas almost straightaway. John immediately […]

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Dennis R.

A friendly gesture turned into a life-altering disaster when Dennis R. stopped to help someone change a flat tire on an expressway. Dennis was trying to find a jack when a state patrol car pulled up behind the scene, accidentally pinning him between the two cars. His right leg was completely crushed. “I needed emergency […]

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